Royal Academy

JW Buxton Knight was only 18 years old when he hung his first painting in the Royal Academy in 1861. He continued exhibiting at the Academy until 1904 at the age of 62, four years before his death. In total he exhibited 66 works at the Academy, which must be recognised as being significant in number as well as consistant throughout his career.

Below is a list of his works as published within the Royal Academy Exhibitors.

DATE              REFERENCE   TITLE                                                                   
1861250Roadside Inn
1862460Timber Yard - Keppington, Sevenoaks
1863348In the Woods - Knowle Park
186672A Summer Day - Knowle Park
517The Haunt of the Fallow Deer
1867625"With Softer Beams and Milder Light, Steps on the Silver Moon Thro' Silent Night"
1872250Harvest Time in Kent - Near Chevening
521A Sunny Walk in Knowle ark, Sevenoaks
1875139Twilight "Now Came Still Evening On, etc"
157Showery Spring
620The Old COuntry Bridge
1156"When the Kye Come Hame"
1876282The Spur of the Fell
1877170The Esk at Low Tide, Whitby
499Breezy March
1878193Carrying Hay
347Under Open Sky
410Meadows Near Winchelsea Marsh
562The Village on the Cliff
632Marshes in May Time
18791435Morning Sands - (Dorset Street, Sevenoaks)
188021September at Sevenoaks - (Palace Chambers, Westminster)
1881576The Peace and Quiet of Tregurrion
188297Otford Village
360Runswick, Yorkshire
545Muncaster Fells Towards Sunset
573The Silent Fells
740Sunshine Under Shower
188393"The Green Leaf and the Grey"
254Roadside Cottages
1462Old Dick's Shed
1884837Winter Rest
1628"Hay Stacked, Old and New, Waiting in Obedience for Order of Use"
18857The Buck's Head, Godden Green
783"I Painted Listening to the Blackbird's Note"
350Rejoicing Harvest
1888470An Exhilarating Day
743Rochester Marsh
1889368October's Threshold
752The Sand-pit
1103The Avenue
1750La Perouse, Botany Bay. After Edward Combes
1890372Hemp Agrimony
680"A Southerly wind and a Cloudy Sky Proclaim a Hunting Morning"
1891215Valley of the Conway
697Eventide - Nidderdale. (181 Kings Road)
1892461Plymouth Old Harbour, 1891, Early Morn; The Cradle of Our Navy
490The Dayspring From on High
981After CHurch - Old Basing
1893283Runneymede (Longfield, West Drayton)
189418The White Walls of Old England
399Grange Over Sands
459The Close
1895156"Come unto the Sands and Sea"
265Thornton Force
655Derwentwater and Borrowdale
1896330Old Canal (The Larches, Chorley Wood, Herts)
1897556Ripe to Harvest - Cartmel-in-Furness
987From Sea Shore to Mountain Peak - Morcombe Bay (57 Bedford Gardens, W.)
1899541Pinner Street
1901521St John's and the Cam. From Trinity Lawn, Cambridge
612Cassiobury Park (Caversham Lodge, Chorley Wood, Herts)
1904368The Peace and Quiet of Chorley Wood